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Our Commercial Refrigeration monitoring solution gives you everything you need to achieve around-the-clock regulatory compliance.

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Non FCC certified devices are not available for sale in the US. Please contact for details.

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IoT in a Box Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring

Customized protection

One size does not fit all. Sensors and gateways can be mixed and matched to solve all of your monitoring needs.

Unparalleled coverage

Unlike other systems, IoT in a Box provides up to 15KM of wireless sensing range to monitor facilities of any size.

Scalable Flexibility

IoT in a Box supports growing enterprises by offering adaptable solutions that expand seamlessly to grow with you.

Monitor your entire refrigeration system

Want to monitor more than one refrigerator? No problem. Easily connect and monitor your entire refrigeration system (and more) within minutes.

The Solution

Meet Our Solution


Setting up your solution doesn’t get any faster or easier than this.

Open the Box

Connect the hardware

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Protect your business and assets from wherever you are.

Your IoT in a Box subscription includes 24/7 access to our web and mobile Apps. With your computer or cell phone, you can:

  • Receive instant, actionable alerts as soon as a problem is detected
  • Quickly document the necessary course of action to address alerts
  • Receive scheduled and on-demand reports with detailed temperature readings


Add additional sensors to solve all of your monitoring needs.

Want to identify water leaks faster? Detect motion after hours? IoT in a Box acts as a hub for tens of thousands of sensors that you can effortlessly monitor from your smartphone.

Additional Sensors

Our Solutions are 100% Risk-Free

30-Day Free Trial

Try our solution FREE for 30 days with no upfront costs.

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Free Hardware Replacement

We stand by our solutions 100% and will replace any sensor that stops working.

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