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Equip yourself with our complete commercial refrigeration and facility management monitoring solutions to win more deals.


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Non FCC certified devices are not available for sale in the US. Please contact for details.

What's In The Kit

Extreme Environment
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The Reseller Demo Kit equips you with everything you need:


Gain valuable, comprehensive product knowledge.


Give customers a hands-on introduction to our solutions.


Increase your competitive advantage and close deals faster.

The Solutions

Meet Your Demo Kit


Setting up your demo kit doesn’t get any easier than this.

Open the Box

Connect the hardware

Start protecting everything


We’ll help you maximize your earnings.

  • Exclusive access to partner portal
  • Proven sales and marketing tools
  • Expert training and coaching sessions
  • Dedicated sales support
  • Free installation services (optional)
  • No inventory or deliveries


Add additional sensors to solve all of your monitoring needs.

Want to identify water leaks faster? Detect motion after hours? IoT in a Box acts as a hub for tens of thousands of sensors that you can effortlessly monitor from your smartphone.

Additional Sensors

Our solutions are 100% risk free for your customers

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Try our solution FREE for 30 days with no upfront costs.

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Return your solution for any reason within 60 days and receive a full refund.

Free Hardware Replacement

We stand by our solutions 100% and will replace any sensor that stops working.

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