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  • Customizable data recording
  • Set alert preferences, add unlimited contacts
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Mix and match hundreds of sensor types to solve any problem
  • Unparalleled technology
  • Low power-long wireless range sensors
  • End-to-end AES encrypted data protection
  • 100% off-network capability
  • Quick & easy setup
  • No wires and no drilling

Supports the guidelines and requirements of major regulating agencies

Savings you can see

Our solutions can save you thousands of dollars in costs associated with manual monitoring.

Manual vs IoT in a Box: How much can you save?

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IoT in a Box

Readings recorded each day per unit


Estimated employee minutes needed per unit


Average hourly rate per employee


Cost per sensor per month


Cost per reading

99.75% Savings

Total monthly readings for all units


Cost per month to monitor

3333% ROI
$29,100 Savings Per Month
$349,200 Savings Per Year

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We’re committed to delivering superior monitoring solutions that support all of your needs. Should any sensor stop working, we’ll replace it for free.

Our Approach

Manual monitoring is risky business. It’s impossible to manually monitor anything 24 hours a day, and periodic monitoring is unreliable at best. Employees often miss readings, and the readings they do manage to take are prone to frequent human error as they rush through readings to get back to more important tasks. Even still, the fact remains that equipment can break down at any time of day or night. Without a robust monitoring system in place, organizations stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars in costs associated with manual monitoring, including: labor wages, regulatory fines, unexpected equipment failures, wasted inventory, and more.

As the world’s leader in turnkey remote monitoring solutions, we’re committed to delivering superior automated protection that supports commercial refrigeration systems and facilities around the clock while delivering substantial cost savings. We honor our commitment with industry-leading hardware, unparalleled monitoring, and 24/7/365 support, all of which have earned us the trust of many organizations worldwide.

It’s no secret that manual monitoring puts organizations at greater risk than automated monitoring - so much so that most regulatory agencies encourage organizations to install automated monitoring systems. Start protecting yourself against the unexpected by trying one of our solutions FREE for 30 days.


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